About Your Instructor

Kirby McIlveen
27x Disc Dog World Champion & Certified Canine Fitness Trainer

I've been competing in disc dog events since 2006. I have 8 incredible disc dogs who have taught me a lot. Together, we've traveled around the world, winning various disc dog championships. I'm excited to share my tips, tricks, and training methods with you!

Disc Dog Accomplishments
• 27 World Championship Wins with 4 dogs in 4 organizations (Torch, Muse, Sora, Flare)
• 55 World Championship Podium Finishes with 8 dogs (Sketch, Flash, Torch, Muse, Volt, Sora, Key, Flare)
• 5 Quadruped National Long Distance Series Wins with 15 event wins (Sketch, Psy, Sora)
• Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Freestyle Flying Disc National Champion (Torch)
• USDDN Level 4 Certified Judge
• UpDog Certified Freestyle Judge
(See full list of accomplishments here.)

Kirby's Disc Dogs

SKETCH - Hob Nob Picture Perfect, 4x Quadruped National Long Distance Series Champion, Golden State Disc Dog Champion

TORCH - TDCH Rockin’ KR Red Raging Torch TKE DS DJ DDB, 12x Disc Dog World Champion, Purina Incredible Dog Challenge National Disc Dog Champion

SPIRIT - Spirit White Buffalo TKP, 5x Disc Dog World Finalist

FLASH - TDCH Rockin’ KR Blue Flash Lightning CGCA CGCU TKE, 2x Golden State Disc Dog Champion

BLITZ - TDCH Princess Blitzen/The Queen B, 3x Disc Dog World Finalist
VOLT - High Voltage TKP BCAT SJ SG DDB, Many time Disc Dog World Finalist

FLARE - MeNMy World On Fire TKA, 2x Disc Dog World Champion

SORA - TDCH Destined to Fly of Scuderia F40 JP CGCA CGCU TKE HSAs OA OAJ NF SSA SJ SG DNA BCAT, 8x Disc Dog World Champion, Quadruped National Long Distance Series Champion, K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch League Worldwide Finals Champion, 2x Golden State Disc Dog Champion

Disc Dog Competition Video Playlist