Ever wanted to teach your dog how to catch a flying disc out of the air?
Looking for a fun way to get your dog's energy out?
Does your dog love to play with toys?
Does your dog chase the disc and just watch it fall instead of catching it?

This class is for you! Your dog can be catching discs in no time! This course will show you how to train your dog to catch a flying disc with just 5 simple exercises with easy to understand text and video lessons.

Level: Beginner
Equipment Needed: Discs
Dog Age: 6 months+

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How to Train Your Dog to Catch a Flying Disc (Frisbee) Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Introduction - Getting Started
  • 2
    Throwing Guide
    • Backhand Throw (Excerpt From Disc Dog Coaching Club!)
  • 3
    How to Train Your Dog to Catch a Flying Disc
    • Building Interest in the Disc
    • Getting the Catch
    • Increasing Distance & Success
  • 4
    Helpful Tricks for Disc Dog Training
    • Training Tricks to Your Disc Dog
    • Through Legs/Leg Weave
    • Back Up Through Legs
    • Directionals
    • Jump in Arms
  • 5
    Disc Dog Competitions
    • About Disc Dog Competition Events!
    • When Are You Ready for a Disc Dog Competition?
    • Find Your Local Disc Dog Club
    • What to Expect at a Disc Dog Competition
    • Further Your Expertise!

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Your Instructor

  • Kirby McIlveen, CCFT

    27x Disc Dog World Champion

    Kirby McIlveen, CCFT

    I've been competing in disc dog events since 2006. I have 8 incredible disc dogs who have taught me a lot. Together, we've traveled around the world, winning various disc dog championships. I'm excited to share my tips, tricks, and training methods with you!

    Disc Dog Accomplishments
    • 27 World Championship Wins with 4 dogs in 4 organizations (Torch, Muse, Sora, Flare)
    • 55 World Championship Podium Finishes with 8 dogs (Sketch, Flash, Torch, Muse, Volt, Sora, Key, Flare)
    • 5 Quadruped National Long Distance Series Wins with 15 event wins (Sketch, Psy, Sora)
    • Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Freestyle Flying Disc National Champion (Torch)
    • USDDN Level 4 Certified Judge
    • UpDog Certified Freestyle Judge
    (See full list of accomplishments here.)

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