Ever wanted to teach your dog stand on your back?
How about stand on your back and then jump off to catch a frisbee?
Does your dog jump over you when you try to do a vault or stall?
Does your dog run around you when you try to do a vault or stall?
Can't throw the disc where your dog can catch it?

This class is for you! Learn how to train vaults & stalls, throw a vault toss, and troubleshoot common problems with detailed text and 17 video lessons. This course will show you how to safely train your dog to vault & stall and look his best doing it!

Level: Intermediate
Equipment Needed: Treats, table, vaulting vest, discs (more information in the free preview)
Dog Age: 18 months+

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Course curriculum

  • 2
    • The Vault of Vaults! - Definitions & Examples
  • 3
    Key Foundations for the Dog
    • Stalling vs Vaulting vs Jumping Skills
    • The Table Method Step 1
    • The Table Method Step 2
    • The Table Method Step 3
    • The Table Method Step 4
    • The Table Method Step 5
    • Reverse Vault (Rebound) Foundation
  • 4
    Key Foundations for the Human
    • Your Throw
    • Your Position
    • Throwing in Position
  • 5
    Generalizing the Foundation Behavior
    • Bridging the Gap Part 1
    • Bridging the Gap Part 2
  • 6
    Creating Safe & Successful Vaults
    • Proper Form & Landings
    • Timing
    • Separation
    • Waiting for Cue
    • Differentiation
    • Perfecting what you've learned

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  • Kirby McIlveen CCFT

    Certified Canine Fitness Trainer, 25x Disc Dog World Champion

    Kirby McIlveen CCFT

    I've been competing in disc dog events since 2006. I have 8 incredible disc dogs who have taught me a lot. Together, we've traveled around the world, winning various disc dog championships. I'm excited to share my tips, tricks, and training methods with you!

    Disc Dog Competition Accomplishments
    • 25 World Championship Wins with 3 dogs in 4 organizations
    • 45 World Championship Podium Finishes with 7 dogs in 5 disciplines
    • 4 National Long Distance Series Wins with the most Quadruped event wins (12) of any dog (Sketch)
    • Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Freestyle Flying Disc National Champion (Torch)
    (See full list of accomplishments here.)

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