When you start off on the right path, you'll find the road to success only gets easier as you climb to the top. Great foundations make the hard stuff EASY! Build your incredible disc dog from the very beginning with this ultimate guide to disc dog foundation training!

This course was designed with puppies in mind, so the exercises included are non-jumping and safe for young dogs. The earlier you can start this program with your dog, the better. This is when all of the most important training happens. With that said, this is still a great program for retraining problem areas in adult dogs. This course covers not only all of the vital behaviors for a great disc dog, but also how to prevent bad habits from developing. Not only will you learn WHAT to train, but also exactly WHY to train it.

You'll learn how to teach your dog:
✅ Drive & Commitment for the Disc
✅ Controlled Tug
✅ A Super FAST Return
✅ Direct, Precise, & Automatic Hand Off
✅ Drop on Cue
✅ Switch for Multiple Discs
✅ Focus with Distractions
✅ Top Tier Catching Skills
✅ Impulse Control
✅ Timing Skills
✅ Body Awareness
✅ Passing
✅ Multiples
✅ Shuffle
✅ Butterflies
✅ Around the World
✅ Zig Zag
✅ Dog Catch
✅ Over Foundation
✅ Pre-Flip Foundation
✅ Pre-Vault Foundation
✅ 5 Freestyle Set Up Moves
✅ & MORE!

The exercises in this training program have produced multiple top world champion disc dogs, including Kirby McIlveen's Torch & Sora. In this course, you'll find out the training secrets that are giving these champion disc dogs an edge above the rest, time and time again! Follow the process of Kirby's puppy, Flare, in her disc dog training journal to see exactly how Kirby molds Flare into a disc dog SUPER STAR! ⭐

Level: All Levels
Equipment Needed: Discs, treats, tug toys, non-restrictive Y strap or balance harness, 10ft lead (or 2 light leashes clipped together).
Dog Age: 8+ weeks

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Puppy Transformation Video

How does this...turn into THIS?!

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Course curriculum

  • 2
    Training & Toy Skills Introduction
    • Our Training Road Map
    • Principles of Disc Dog Training: Best Practices & Common Training Mistakes to Avoid
    • Rewards in Disc Dog Training - Tugging VS Thrown Toys VS Treats
    • Safe & Proper Tugging
    • Toy Choices & How They Can Encourage Specific Behaviors
    • Structures for Consistent Training Sessions & Game Play
  • 3
    Initial Focus & Commitment Skills
    • Chase Me
    • Handler Focus
    • Drive to Hand
    • Comfortability
    • Building Toy Drive & Commitment
    • Impulse Control
  • 4
    Toy Skills Part 1
    • Recall
    • Drop
    • Toy as Reward
    • Switch
  • 5
    Toy Skills Part 2
    • Catch
    • Super Switching (Switch Part B)
    • Driven Place in Hand - The Cure for "No Take, Only Throw!"
    • Speed Retrieve (Recall Part B)
  • 6
    Toy Skills Part 3
    • Real Throw Simulation (Catch Part B)
    • Advanced Switching (for FS/Multi-Disc Games) (Switch Part C)
    • Retrieve to Hand with Automatic Drop (for T&F Games) (Recall/Retrieve Part C)
  • 7
    Body Movement Skills, Future Freestyle Trick Building Blocks, & Miscellaneous Skills
    • Pick Up Disc Off the Ground
    • Body Awareness & Coordination
    • Directionals
    • Quick Reactions
    • Eye-Mouth Coordination
    • BONUS! Beginnings of Catching Camp (Excerpt from the Disc Dog Coaching Club!)
    • Watching & Tracking
    • Puppy Safe Foundations for Multiples, Shuffles, & Stalls
    • Puppy Safe Foundations for Flips
    • Puppy Safe Foundations for Overs
    • Puppy Safe Foundations for Dog Catches & Vaults
    • Exposure to Freestyle Variations
  • 8
    Helpful Set Up Tricks for a Disc Dog to Know
    • Around
    • Through Legs/Leg Weave
    • Back Up Through Legs
    • Peekaboo Paws on Feet
    • Orbit
    • BONUS! Transitioning from Treats to Disc (Excerpt from the Disc Dog Coaching Club!)
  • 9
    Troubleshooting Common Problems
    • Dealing with a Distracted Puppy
    • Victory Laps & Chewing the Disc
    • Puppy Plays with Other Toys, but Not Disc / Transitioning from Floppy/Fabric to Plastic Competition Discs
  • 10
    My Puppy Flare's Disc Dog Training Journal (from Kirby's Disc Dog Coaching Club!)
    • Part 1 (11 weeks old)
    • Part 2 (14 weeks old)
    • Part 3 (17 weeks old)
    • Part 4 (6 months old)
    • Part 5 (7 months old)
  • 11
    Preparing for Future Competitions
    • Games to Try with Your New Disc Dog!
    • Socialization/Experiences Checklist
    • How to Prepare for the Competition Setting
    • When is my Puppy Ready for Competitions?

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Your Instructor

  • Kirby McIlveen, CCFT

    27x Disc Dog World Champion

    Kirby McIlveen, CCFT

    I've been competing in disc dog events since 2006. I have 8 incredible disc dogs who have taught me a lot. Together, we've traveled around the world, winning various disc dog championships. I'm excited to share my tips, tricks, and training methods with you!

    Disc Dog Accomplishments
    • 27 World Championship Wins with 4 dogs in 4 organizations (Torch, Muse, Sora, Flare)
    • 55 World Championship Podium Finishes with 8 dogs (Sketch, Flash, Torch, Muse, Volt, Sora, Key, Flare)
    • 5 Quadruped National Long Distance Series Wins with 15 event wins (Sketch, Psy, Sora)
    • Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Freestyle Flying Disc National Champion (Torch)
    • USDDN Level 4 Certified Judge
    • UpDog Certified Freestyle Judge
    (See full list of accomplishments here.)

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